There are lots of places in the world where winter is much too long for windsurfers.

Therefore we have created ice boards for the best winter windsurfing ever.

Now, no matter what season it is, the wind means what it should always mean.

A perfect day for windsurfing.

Winter is Hi season now.

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Winter is here and Hiberna boards are ready for fun, learning and competing!   Last improvements made them even more comfortable and effective on  all ice conditions.

CompEDGE clearance is increased, fine tuning for right track is supported.

No compromise for CONVERTER.  It’s the best can be provided:  Aviation grade Al 5ax CNC milled T bones support adjusting options, rubber inlays absorb vibration, steel blade support L-bones got increased area and 130 mm length. Swedish steel springs provide side support. Bridges and decks are two sided composite and feature additional anti slip threatment.  Automotive ball joints, as usual.

Probably those should not be called exactly a boards, but high speed and maneuverbility hi-tech sledges powered by wind and - what’s most important - conventional summer windsurfing skills.

We wish you good wind and exiting windsurfing adventures all year round!

See you on the ice!

Hiberna team